So I kept going back and forth as to weather or not I wanted to cut my hair. Today I had it cut. I’m not gonna lie I like it. I look good. But I did waiver just before I walked in. ….Back in college I wore my hair in two long trenzas that went down my back. Really had an impact on connecting with my indigenous roots/identity and spirituality which I am constantly grappling with. I had been reconnecting and learning so much about my own history that has been systematically erased from contemporary knowledge of the creation of the United States. At that time I decided to grow out my hair as an act of rebellion, to in a small way say we are still here. We can not be destroyed(even though I was a punk rocker)Then I’d go home for summer and braid my hair in the back yard of my parents house, or my sister would braid my hair on the porch of her house and it was a nice feeling to have a bad ass tight trenza. It’s been many years since then and I like how my hair looks both short and long. Perhaps my connection to culture and spirituality lay more in the way I walk my path in the world. The grand mystery of it all is miraculous and we wade in it everyday. My hair was a reminder that Espírito Santo, Art, science, math, stories and the grand dark mystery of life all walk entwined in one another like brothers and sisters. It’s all the same miracle and yeah I cut my hair but I still feel connected, I still feel a sense of awe at this world. It’s tragic and beautiful and full of struggle and joy and every bit of it is another strand in the big woven serape of many colors that will tuck us all in to the great goodnight at the end. …I gotta ramble on sometimes cause my brain is going a billion miles an hour. It’s just a hair cut but it got me thinking. #antesydespues #beforeandafter #hair #pmaeveryday #backinthestudio @thegoodguysbarbershop