The Mysterious Cat




8″x10″ digital print on thick cardstock


Cleaver and stealthy, the house cat has been know for some very nefarious histories. Burgling, fever inducing, living nine lives and even drinking the souls of children not to mention being familiar with known witches!!  And yet they are one of our most beloved of creatures. We hold them dear and in highest regard for their sheer quiet calculating wisdom (if not indifference).


I have been having such a fun time making these animal spirit images. Magic, fables and folklore are a definite influence on this set. It also marks a return of sorts to allowing myself to get lost in the stories that are drifting around in my head like smoke. Part of me has always been and always will be a storyteller and I figure this is the start of letting some of those stories out of my head and on to a page. I also just love the idea of looking for the animal spirit in the actions we people take. Sometimes we act like a rabbit and want to curl up and sleep for an entire season and other times we are like a bold and furious tiger and have to assert our power.  We constantly change. At any point we may need to borrow the spirit of any one of the multitude of wild creatures that move across the surface of our world. The living wilderness walks along side us on the long road of our collective destiny our lives interweaved and bound together for better or worse.