Finished up some more signs to take to @maydayunderground this weekend. Bringing new circles and more of my six finger pointers. I’ve made 20 new signs start to finish in three days. Actually a couple more if I factor in a few commissions. On Tuesday they were un-sanded and in-primed. By Thursday they are ready to have hanging hardware installed. Def. looking forward to next week when I can relax a little bit and do some drawing and get ready for next projects. It’s been a month of madness!!Been fueled by coffee and audio books.Re”read” all the Song of Ice and Fire series, Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom, Sons of the Black Sword and now Re“reading” The Lord if the Rings. If you can’t tell I’m on a fantasy kick. .#hustling #workflow #handmade #handlettering #books #coffee #skulls #goth #art #wallart #new #old #strange